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even though u make the confessions of faith, pray, fast, and make the pilgrimage ...only one act of heathenism destroys a thousand acts of Religion

Group Founder: phlamex
Description: preach and teach your religion, philosophy, theology n facts of history, and then get the true knowledge about God the maker of all
Group Type: Public join
Members: 60
Category: Religion & Beliefs > General

Topics (22)

go The devil and God (2) phlamex
go What's d significance f (wedding) veils? (5) livers7
go Ever seen d true image of Jesus Christ? (5) livers7
go What is in btw Christianity n Islam.. (16) phlamex
go eternity (2) phlamex
go What is your new year resolution (1) phlamex
go if u were given a moment wit God (2) phlamex
go On what ground can we conclude that God (3) phlamex
go What does christmas means 2 u (0) phlamex
go Is there a true sense of right and wrong (8) phlamex
go Is dere a difference btween righteousnes (3) wiscor
go Before Christianity n Islam (2) phlamex
go Religion and science in the medieval per (4) phlamex
go Evolution of man .. (1) phlamex
go End of d world (0) phlamex

Photos (5)

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Polls (11)

go hav u ever performed a pilgrimage or Hajj before
go How would u want d world 2 end
go The true religion
go Who is Jesus to u
go Why do u believe there's God
go Why do u believe there is no God
go Who were responsible for the spread of christianity across Europe
go The crusade was a war against who/what?
go What is the concept of the miracle to you.
go love is
go How did God create the world


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